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I've been teaching yoga since 2017 and have been in the fitness industry with group fitness and personal training since 2014.


I absolutely love being a small business owner and I am so grateful to call this my job. 

I offer multiple classes, in-person and online. With a collection of online classes in the MENU under 'YOGA AT HOME'. AS well as a few classes in-person, at The Longwood Institute Hall, Bradbury. 

I teach several styles of yoga. All of which I love and think each style has a special place to suit everyone's individual needs. 

INNER BLISS is something we all have the ability to find. Although some days it might seem impossible. My gift to you, is the ability to help you find that feeling with the help of my calm and guiding voice. 

If you have any question, you can scroll down and find my details below to contact me directly. . 

Much love,

Leah - The Nifty Yogi


Hi there, 
I'm Leah, The Nifty 

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