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Need Guidance? Ask for Help Using a Pendulum

In moments of uncertainty, reaching out for guidance can provide clarity and reassurance. Whether you place your trust in Universal Energy, God, Angels, or your Higher Self, seeking assistance can be a powerful practice.

Step 1: Centre Yourself

Begin by taking a deep breath. This simple act helps to centre your mind and calm your spirit, preparing you to receive guidance.

Step 2: Protect Your Energy

Visualise an orb of golden light surrounding you, creating a protective sphere that encompasses you above and below the earth. This shield serves to protect your energy, ensuring that you are open only to positive influences.

Step 3: Ask Your Questions

With your protective sphere in place, focus on the questions you wish to ask. Clearly state your need for guidance and say, "Give me a clear sign and show me the direction I need to take."

Step 4: Using a Pendulum

If you have a pendulum, this tool can offer immediate answers. A pendulum can be anything from a specialised tool to a simple necklace or even a strand of hair with a ring attached.

For me, when the pendulum spins clockwise, the answer is ‘yes’. When it sways back and forth, the answer is ‘no’. If the universe doesn’t want me to know, it either stays still or quivers in place.

It's important to understand what 'yes' and 'no' means for you and your pendulum.

Here's how to tune into the guidance:

  1. Hold your pendulum at the tip of the handle with minimal fingers.

  2. For beginners, rest your elbow on a table or your legs to avoid influencing the pendulum’s movement.

  3. Hover the pendulum an inch (approximately 3 cm) off the table or surface you’re using.

  4. Repeat steps 1-3: take a breath, centre yourself, and ask for protection.

  5. Then ask, “What is the sign for yes?” Give it time to show you.

  6. Say, “Thank you. Please show me the sign for no.”

  7. It’s also important to ask, “Show me the sign if I’m not meant to know the answer right now.”

  8. Embrace the Guidance.

This practice can bring joy and peace, knowing that you have spiritual entities or energies to call upon for guidance. Trust in the process and remain open to the signs and answers you receive. Whether through a pendulum or simply through a feeling or thought, the guidance will come when you ask with an open heart.

Watch the Video for a visual explanation


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