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Who is The Movement Muma?

Hi, I'm Leah, founder of The Movement Muma. I'm a wife and mother to two beautiful children and we live in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

My journey in the fitness world began in 2013 and I've bounced back and forth between other jobs in between personal training. I've explored various roles such as, farming, administration, waitressing and more, but amidst the hustle, I always find solace in my true passion: movement.

Whether it's the grace of yoga, the strength of Pilates, the intensity of weight training, or the serenity of a nature walk, I'm constantly in motion. And often, my little ones join me in the adventure.

My ultimate goal? To help everyone discover their preferred form of movement. I truly believe there's the right fit for everyone—it just requires the right guidance and community. And that's where I step in, to show you the different styles of exercise available and how fun it can be.

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Ready to embark on your own movement journey? Explore the programs I have on offer and discover the joy of movement tailored to your preferences and experience level.

Woman sitting on yoga mat with hands in a lotus mudra


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