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Select any of my yoga videos, varying from beginner classes to more advanced. Offering tutorials on specific poses and sequences. 

Even being able to select the muscle target area you wish to stretch out. Some are free, some are able to be rented and if you love it you can purchase it and rewatch it as many times as you like. 

Check it out for yourself. 

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Choose from a variety of different oracle cards decks. You can selecting the option of 1 or 3 questions. 

Know that you don't need to share your question/s with me. The universal energy will guide me, to give you the guidance you seek. 

NOTE: this is not a tarot reading, it is a gentler form to ask and receive guidance. 



Do you need help with something in your life... 

~ Find your life's purpose

~ Ease Stress

Fall asleep quicker

~ Fitness Motivation

~ A Positive Mindset

After a conversation with you, I will be able to create the perfect meditation that you will have infinitely. 

I can offer multiple meditations for an additional cost. 

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