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When you hear the word 'YOGA' some people deter or retreat straight away. But why? People who avoid 'YOGA' tend raise these questions....

- Oh I'm not flexible enough to do it...

- I'm not spiritual enough...

- Why should I? It's boring and too easy... (this is so NOT true)

- Well, I just don't have time to... (do you have time for Facebook? Then you definitely have time for yoga)

The list of excuses are endless!

Did any of these excuses popped up for you?

Well, if you're reading this post then the chances are you are more than ready to release these negative thoughts... So lets get started.

Scroll up to "BOOK ONLINE" and find out when my next yoga classes and workshops are.

My number is 0488 008 086 if you have any questions

Don't hesitate, just ask :)

Lots of love and care,

Leah - The Nifty Yogi

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