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Are you doing downward dog right? Here is 6 tips you can try...

Downward dog is definitely one of the most common yoga poses in traditional and modern yoga. Unfortunately it's such a common pose to get wrong too.

So to help you, here are my 6 tips for you to follow...

  1. First of all - touching your heels to the ground isn't your goal. (not yet anyway). Start by bending both knees a little to support your back.

  2. When you're new to yoga downward dog won't be 'easy' as such. Although some yoga teachers call it a resting pose. (one day it will be).

  3. If you get sore wrists... You might be putting too much wight on the palm of your hand. Try pressing weight through your fingers more.

  4. Walk the dog - bend you right knee and straighten the left leg a little. Alternate sides with each breath (inhale and exhale). This will help loosen up the back of the legs and spine.

  5. At the moment you downward dog might be looking like an arch. Notice your back and try to make it as straight as possible by dropping you chest towards the ground, while keeping both arms very straight.

  6. Lastly, relax your shoulders. If they are hugging your ears you'll be doing more harm than good. SO, take a deep breathe inwards through your nose.... Then exhale you breathe out through your nose (or mouth if that helps).

You're now 6 steps closer to achieving a beautiful downward facing dog.

If you have any questions, send me an email or comment on this blog. I'd love to help you.

Notice my back is rounded and legs are straight. This is what not to do..

The above picture is how NOT to do a downward dog. Notice my back is rounded and my legs are straight... Now scroll down...

Now my knees are bend, allowing my spine to be more free and under less pressure. I've also dropped my chest towards my mat while keeping my hips high towards the ceiling.

Here army hands and what NOT to do again. If you find you fingers are curling up it means your poor wrists are copping a lot of your body weight. Here's what you should do...

Start to press the weight through your fingers and palms (50:50). You body weight might want to shift forward and round through the back again but be mind full and keep lifting your hips up high to the sky.

Now it's your turn to give it a go... Remember.

  1. Bend your knees and keep your spine straight and long.

  2. Let your chest drop towards the ground

  3. Notice the weight on your palms and fingers. Find 50:50 balance

  4. Keep lifting your hips high.

  5. And most importability...Remember to BREATHE and relax your shoulders!


  7. Now you might feel comfortable to walk the dog (only your feet move). Keep your arms where they are but start to bend on knee and lengthen the other and vice-versa.

I hope this helps!

Be sure to contact me if you need extra help. I'm here for you. All of you!

Sending you much love,

Leah - The Nifty Yogi


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