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COMPASSION is what makes us HUMAN

What comes to mind when you think of the word compassion? Caring for others before you own needs before others? Feeling empathetic for something or someone? Wanting to help when you see someone struggling. All these things are gifts that fill our heart with compassion.

Without compassion we can become heartless monsters. With no sympathy, no emotion, no LOVE. We become selfish, stubborn and greedy.

As children we get taught to share, to play, to help, to challenge ourselves and to learn and grow to become the best person we hope to become. Like more children, we want to grow up being like out parents or guardians. But when does the compassion for other beings and things stop meaning as much?


Do you still say please and thank you?

Do you hold a door open for an elder, or anyone who needs assistance?

Do you let a neighbouring car pull in front of you so they can make the right turn before it's too late? I do you cut them off and make them wait?

Do you still share your treats and toys with your siblings, friends & family?


I occasionally find myself lacking compassion when it comes to the people close to me - when all they need is love and kindness. I put my guard up to stay strong and protected. But by letting your guard down, you aren't showing weakness you're opening your heart to love and surrendering the compressed feeling inside. It's about coming down to the same level as others and allowing yourself to FEEL. In this current day we humans are becoming more and more robotic and lack the empathy we got brought up to have and use.

Empathy and compassion work hand-in-hand. So next time you're at the shops and someone is struggling to cross the road with their hands full of shopping. Ask if they need help. If you find yourself judging someone? Is it because you're envious? Or because you lack compassion in your heart? There could be a number of reason why. But my intention for you is to open your heart, see what's inside and share as much love and kindness to EVERYONE around you. INCLUDING YOURSELF!



I open my heart,

to loving other and myself.

I bring compassion and empathy inward,

leaving any judgment or negativity behind.

I am a compassionate being,

full of love, health and happiness.


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