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Replace your 'Negative Nancy Mind' with Gratitude

As human beings, we get lost in our world or negativity and therefore a lack of gratitude. We often find ourselves only notice when things go wrong - rather than when things go right..

"I'm always sick" or, "why do things always go wrong?" or, "It's too hot/cold". The list is endless.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, I have a #NiftyYogi tip for you...

Upon awaking / or settling into bed, take 3 deep breathe and ask yourself this question..

"How am I feeling right now?"

Such a simple question. How often do you answer the question without even thinking about the answer? I occasionally do too. Although I've got much better at thinking-before-speaking with this question.

I strongly encourage everyone and anyone, your or old to read the following paragraph, then close your eyes to do this very quick and easy mindfulness activity:

  • Take three (3) really long inhales through the nose and three (3) exhales though the nose. (Or lips for a sigh to release a little bit of stress from the body/mind.) - Aim for 5-10 seconds for both inhale and exhale.

  • Following with another three (3) breathe or more - this time finding one thing to be GRATEFUL for each breath.

Once you've found 3 or more grateful thoughts see if you can write them down. I have a gratitude diary (that I bought from K-Mart) which is so cheap but helpful to write down my regular gratitude practice. I admit, I dont do it everyday but regularly is much better than never/occasionally.

The ideas are endless and the best thing you can do it great new and different gratitude statements for yourself every day.

Here are a list of helpful gratitude ideas for you:

- Waking up in a warm house with a roof over your head

- Every conscious breathe you have on this planet

- A job that you hopefully like/love and helps pay the bills

- Your family, painter, friends or anyone you love in your life

- A sunny day, or rain during drought

If finding 3 things to be grateful is hard to begin with just start with one. The ideas will naturally flow to you easier over time without much thought needed. Thanks to the mind and how quickly it can adapt.

So please, give this very simple and important daily practice a go.

The mind can play cruel games on us, leading us into stress and anxiety and so forth but it is very helpful to swap those negative energies with positive ones. It may not be easy at first. But the more room you give negative emotions, the louder they will get.

Melissa Ambrosini has a book called "Mastering Your Mean Girl"

I highly recommend this book! For men and women.

Negative Nancy is a name I like to call my 'inner thoughts/mean girl'. Feel free to give yours a name. Sounds weird I know but it makes it a lot easier to switch her/him off when you can pin point the voice getting rowdy at times.

So, when it comes to your gratitude practice. Remember it is just like your yoga practice - a practice that can always improve with time, patience and persistence. Ideally I would encourage you to do it on a daily basis.


I hope this helps!

Lots of love,

Leah xx

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