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MANIFESTATION and how to do it?

I haven't always been great at manifesting because I didn't realize how powerful manifesting actually was. I think what held my manifestation powers back was because I didn't know my own worth. Especially back in my teen years. I lacked a lot of self-esteem and thrived off of approval from others. I found girls particularly hard to get along with because of all their judgements. So in school and after school I found myself becoming quite a tomboy because the boys were so easy to get along with.

Back when I was a teen. I remember lying in my bed one day, having just broken up with a boyfriend the night before I was a very upset, as expected. He wanted to be with me for my body not for who I was as a person.

But I was determined to find someone who was 'worthy of me' not the other way around. So, I said a prayer that next morning... "God, I want to find a guy who loves me, even more than I love them. Ideally he will have blonde or light brown hair, blue or brown eyes, preferably taller than me. But most of all someone who is kind, loving and generous, just like my Dad." And I'm pretty sure I would have added... "Please help me, I really want a boyfriend and I don't want to wait forever" something like that ha-ha.

Don't get me wrong. This took two other failed boyfriend-attempt to really figure out what kind of person I wanted to be with forever. And it was worth the wait (which wasn't that long really). I found my true love at the age of 22 (now my husband) and we've been together 7 years.

As I step closer to my 30's I look back and realize how far I have come and how much I really have manifested.

I manifested both of my adopted dogs. Zeta a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel who I wanted as a companion back when I lived in Keith, SA.

I manifested Miley our recently adopted Border Collie who has come along so far! She was VERY timid when we first got her (as was Zeta) but she is now glowing with love and joy since being with us for over 9 months now.

I've manifested my jobs. Which has been quite a collection of talents. From farming, commercial painting, personal training, office administration, hospitality but my absolute favourite is teaching yoga.

I remember our family trips to Adelaide and we'd drive past Stirling. I thought "I'm going to live there one day". And blow me down, we live on the outskirts of Stirling in the scenic location of Bradbury. Even better than living in the town - personally. I manifested this exact home we currently live in which is the cutest cottage you would ever see in the Adelaide Hills. With 1.5 Acres of space for Miley to run around, chicken to lay eggs, a veggie patch to grow our own produce and a shed to create all things nifty. We love it here!

I'm currently manifesting our dream home to buy in the Adelaide Hills area so I'm keeping my positive thoughts and affirmations on that, not letting myself get any unreasonable expectations though.

That's where manifesting can become toxic. It we crave or yearn for our dream/s with too much haste then the universe can't do its magic until we learn the 5 A's which are:






ASK – Ask for protection and guidance. Then send out to the universe what you want help manifesting into your life, or out of your life.

AFFIRM – It’s a great idea to have a vision board of what you desire, especially if it’s a house, a car or something physical. When you look at is affirm "Is this what I still want to manifest?" because lets be honest. Our lives and situations are always changing.

ACKNOWLEDGE – Acknowledge that the universe has your back and DOES want the best for you. So let it get to work without over thinking and analysing it. Don’t worry about how long it will take. It will all happen in good timing. Whether we see it that way or not.

ATTITUDE – It is SO important to have the right attitude. If you don’t think you are worthy of what you are asking. Then the universe hears that and will not send it to you until you truly believe you deserve it. So keep your spirits high. Even if it takes longer that you had hoped.

ACCEPT – Learn to accept what is, what was, and what is yet to come. We can't change the past and we can't predict the future. (psychic can - but we can change that prediction if we wish to do so) We can only live in this present moment and time. So do it with people you love, and things you like to do.

Then all you need to do is carry on with your life. Taking baby steps towards this goal/s or dream/s.

After all the universe can't do all the work. We need to keep an eye out for signs it gives us.

So tap into your intuition and learn to understand it. There are many great books on intuition, manifestation and all things alike. Head in to your local library or bookshop and see what they have to borrow/buy. Grab whatever catches your eye. It stands out to you for a reason!

Now is the time to send me any comments or question you have. I am happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

I also have a manifestation meditation on 'Manifest your dream home". I created it for myself to listen to haha. But you are most welcome to tune in to it. I hope it helps!! Here is the link:


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