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What indoor plants can I PROPAGATE? (grow from a cutting)

Propagation simply means 'the breeding of specimen (plants or animals) by a natural process fro the parent stock.'

I'm very excited to share an upcoming 'Indoor Plant Oasis' workshop with you. I'll be hosting it 'live' via Zoom and limited numbers so we can all chat and learn as a group. We'll be learning all things INDOOR PLANTS & PROPAGATION.

There are SO many plants that can be grown from scratch, but in this particular workshop we will be focusing on the indoor ones.

Here is some photos and names of plants can be propagated:

  • ANY Succulents

  • Philodendron

  • Bonsai

  • Rubber Leaf

  • Fiddle Leaf

  • Monstera

  • Citronella

  • Geranium

  • Snake - also known as 'mother-in-law's-tongue'

Other plants that can be propagated, by thinning the plants roots:

  • Maiden Hair Fern

  • Herringbone fern - all known as 'sword fern'

  • Good-luck Palm (a mini palm)

  • and more!

Thats only a small handful or names and photos of plants (some of these grow well outside too) that we can propagate.

If you still have no idea what your plant is called, don't worry! There is an amazing FREE mobile app that you can download called 'Picture This'. What it does is allow you to take a photo of the plant you are trying to identify and it goes through a 'dictionary' or plants that look similar to what it might be.

'Picture This' app

Personally, I have found it to be 90% accurate, if not higher. So I recommend you download it and give it a go. It works for flowers, trees, weeds... You name it!

If you love it that much, you can always pay for the premium version. I use the free version and it's great!

Perhaps my house will one day look like this ;)

Growing your own plants from start to finish is so rewarding! And great first because you know there has been a lots of love and attention put into it. Let the new owner know that it's not just another plant it is a hand reared plant made with your very own hands. That will put them under pressure to keep it alive - haha ;)

If you wish to learn more about propagation I will be holding monthly workshops. From indoor plants, herbs, roses, trees and more!! Not just on how to propagate, but how to keep them alive and well.

Not all plants are going to survive and some take longer than others to even begin showing roots. So don't give up after the first week. Roots generally start to show from the first 2 weeks, but can sometimes take 6 months to appear. You'll know when it's not going to survive by the look of the leaf. Such as turning an unhealthy colour (yellow or brown) and other sign which I'll explain in another blog. Stay tuned!

Sending green-thumb vibes from me, to you!


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