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Hot tips to help encourage you to workout/do yoga at home

I know it can be univinting to do yoga/a workout at home. Especially if you don't have much space or a busy house hold etc..

I myself, don't have a big house. But these are the things that help me to stay motivated and help me complete my sessions at home.

So here are my hot tips:

  • Leave your yoga/fitness mat laid out on the floor (if you can). That way there's one less thing to get you started.

  • Lay out your yoga/activewear in a pile the night before; I lay mine on my wardrobe, stacked in order of what I’m going to put on first (eg. undies on top, then leggings, crop/bra, top and jumper etc) even putting fresh socks next to my sneakers helps feel organised.

  • Buy a new item of activewear to get you motivated if it helps. Or a whole new set!

  • If the weather is nice, take it outside!

  • Find what style of yoga/workouts you like and stick to them. No need to get too fancy or creative.

  • I love to prepare breakfast the night before. In the cooler months I have oat and chia seed porridge every morning. Topped with extra nourishing goodness like seeds and spices. It's basically overnight oats but I heat it up on the stove to make it more easily digestible.

  • Go to sleep with the intention of waking up at a set time; eg. 6:30AM.

  • Find a good music playlist to have playing in the background or in your earphones.

  • And lastly, remember why it is that you want to do this?

To feel good?

To get fitter?

To feel more flexible?

More relaxed?


Be the optimist in your life's decisions and know that you won't regret working out/doing a yoga class. But you will most likely regret not doing!


Here is a link to my YouTube channel where you can find lots of yoga & workout videos FOR FREE!

I hope this helps you get into a good groove. And most of all enjoy it! :)

Much love,

Leah - The Nifty Yogi

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