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Our newest yogi, baby Ella has arrived!

I am so excited to introduce you to our newest addition to our family.

Ella was born on the 22nd December 2023 which is the same birthday as my Grandma (my mum's mum) who also passed away in 2023. 

The birth was an incredible and empowering and I’m so grateful for my support crew throughout my pregnancy and birth. 

During my pregnancy with Ella I had regular appointments with my Ayurvedic Practitioner, Tamika Harrison from ‘The Sattva Centre’. With which I received regular Abhyanga treatments (traditional Indian oil massage) and nutritional advice from an Ayurvedic perspective which was hugely helpful, not only during pregnancy but also during birth and my postpartum period. Tamika has been there for me throughout each chapter which my many ailments that kept popping up throughout pregnancy; varicose veins, pelvic girdle pain and more! All maintained/treated with natural remedies through Ayurveda and TCM

I also had regular appointments with my TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Charlotte Powell who works at the ‘Healing Arts Studio’. In these appointments I received a combination of acupuncture, herbal supplements, reiki and spiritual advice (helping find the metaphysical causes of my ailments and worked through any underlying fears/emotions) which was all hugely beneficial! All of which also helped with any ailments that popped up along my pregnancy journey. 

Bree Bennetts also played a very important role in my conception journey who went on maternity leave the month we conceived our baby Ella. Bree who was working (and will be back there again as of Jan 2024) also offered me acupuncture and herbs in this time which I believe played a very successful role in my conception. 

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

AYURVEDA (Traditional Indian techniques)

Tamika Harison - The Sattva Centre  (Instagram link)

I’ve continued to see both Tamika & Charlotte during my postpartum period which is helping balance all of my hormones, adrenals, and physical trauma that birth brings with it. (Helping to lift the energy back upwards, rather than downwards which we did for labour preparation). 

I found this combination of both Ayurveda & TCM an incredible support for me. I highly recommend any/all three of these ladies for your motherhood journey, no matter what phase you're in.

I look forward to sharing many videos and photos of Ella, Archer (Ella’s older brother) & I, in some yoga and fitness posts/stories on social media. If you’d like to follow my motherhood journey you can follow me on the following accounts:

Instagram (the main social media platform I like to use)

If you wish to contact me or ask me any questions, please reach out via email or Instagram via a direct message. 

Sending you lots of love and well wishes,

Leah - The Nifty Yogi

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